It is the time of year that ushers in some the most beautiful colors as the leaves change from Green to vibrant Oranges, Yellows, Reds & Browns.  The different color combinations they produce cannot be numbered, much like the amount of celestial bodies in the night time sky.  It is another testimony of a Heavenly Father and his expressions of love, for it is through this beauty on can see His hand. It is not just this beauty making this a wonderful time.  Much like the other seasons, each one brings its feeling of new.  Like the anticipation seeing loved family members and enjoyng their company while partaking of a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.  And  for those of the family in far off places talking with them over the phone. Then there is that special time when the Granddaughters climb up in the attic with Grandpa to the Christams decorations and then the whole family decorating the Christmas tree. Could anything be better? more info more info
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